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99 Technologies S.A. (99T) is a company based in Lugano (Switzerland) which has developed an innovative and highly effective technology, named HyperDRYMist®, for high quality disinfection of all surfaces that are exposed to air. The primary domain of application of the technology is in healthcare for the disinfection of non-invasive medical devices and inanimate surfaces present in hospitals and other patient care facilities. 99T’s systems dramatically reduce microbial load on surfaces and consequently limit significantly their role as pathways for pathogens causing Healthcare Acquired Infections. Outside healthcare, 99T’s systems can be deployed everywhere there is a need to eradicate or keep under control the presence of bacteria on surfaces making the potential use of the technology extremely wide. For instance, the technology is applicable also to industrial activities such as the pharmaceutical, foodstuff, agricultural, shipping, and waste disposal sectors. Moreover, public at large service providers such as hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, public transports, sport and recreational facilities can largely benefit from the use of the 99T disinfection systems.




How does it work?

99T's Systems

99T systems aerosolize into the environment one of the company’s proprietary disinfectant solutions (based on hydrogen peroxide and other co-formulants) transforming it into an extremely fine mist. This dry-mist behaves, from a physical dynamics perspective, similarly to a gas as it is made up of submicron droplets (75% of which under the size of 0.5 microns). As a consequence, the droplets are distributed evenly and thoroughly over each cm2 of the environment while generating a coating of high biocidal efficacy. In fact, hydrogen peroxide, whose biocidal properties are widely reported in scientific literature, instantly attacks all organic substances (and therefore also microorganisms) which it comes in contact with. The co-formulants assist and complement the bactericidal action causing the self-destruction, with very high effectiveness, of virus, bacteria, mycobacteria, spores, and fungi on surfaces.






Why is it effective?

99MC Modulator Micro-Nebulizer

The 99T‘s solutions have been tested in vitro in accordance to the European norms that certify the bactericidal, virucidal, fungicidal, myco-bactericidal and sporicidal activities. In addition, hundreds of in vivo tests (i.e actual use of the systems in real life conditions) performed in disparate settings, have reconfirmed the high effectiveness of the technology in eliminating bacteria and pathogens from surfaces. From company’s inception, roughly five and half years ago, 99T has started testing its systems in clinical settings with the goal of demonstrating that the technology not only diminishes the presence of bacteria but also reduced the incidence of healthcare acquired infections. The positive results of these extended efficacy evaluations have been presented at international conferences such as the European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ECCMID), the World Nephrology Congress (WCN), and the International Conference on Prevention and Infections Control (ICPIC).










Why is it innovative?

99MB Modulator Micro-Nebulizer

The 99T systems have de facto overcome the limitations that still exist and are widely encountered in disinfection regimens currently in use in healthcare. In fact, the sector is still largely characterized by the adoption of manual disinfection regimens which are characterized by evident drawbacks. Those constraints are associated with the difficulty of reaching small or hard to reach spaces, along with the inability to ensure, in spite of the implementation of specific protocols, the constancy of the results which is a variable of the commitment and the ability of the individual operator.

Contrarily, the 99T systems consistently provide the same high level of disinfection thanks to automation and a degree of pervasiveness that is simply not achievable through manual operations.

99T has developed a technology which is a leap forward even in comparison to newer disinfection technologies, for instance those of conventional hydrogen peroxide vaporizers and/or nebulizers, which have substantial disadvantages such as partial effectiveness against some bacterial strains, long application times, extensive waiting periods before regaining full use of the treated environments, complicated set up procedures which require specialized personnel. All this is frequently engineered in bulky devices that hamper portability.

On the contrary, 99T brings to the adopters of the technology considerable advantages. In the first place, disinfection cycles specifically conceived for the healthcare sector are shorter. In fact, with the basic preventive cycle an average hospital room can be disinfected and be ready for use in about 33 minutes. In addition, no particular precautions have to be taken in order to prepare the room for treatments other than shutting the air conditioning, the door, and the windows.

Treatments with 99T devices are consequently convenient to implement. The actual programming of the machines is rapidly mastered because of its simplicity, and with the latest generation of machines is actually fully automated. Concurrently, operational costs are kept in check because there is less downtime of treated areas, no need for specialized personnel, almost no training costs, and lower amounts of disinfectant used.


Rethinking the use of no-touch disinfection in healthcare and beyond

MR Compliant 99MB Modulator

The technological advances that allow 99T systems to be faster and easier to use, in addition to being truly cost effective, generate an even greater benefit for the end user. There is in fact a departure in the modalities with which the HyperDRYMist® technology is meant to be used in comparison to existing no-touch disinfection technologies based on the aerosolization or vaporization of hydrogen peroxide. By and large, these systems are used in a remedial mode. In practical terms, the use of the technology is envisaged only in cases when the actual infectious outbreak is already out of control with the specific purpose of executing a thorough decontamination of the contaminated areas. On the contrary, 99T’s systems are primarily intended for the application of preventive schemes conceived specifically to avert reaching dangerous microbial load levels on surfaces. The characteristics of right efficacy, ease of use, speed, cost effect effectiveness, and portability make the use of the technology truly pervasive, so that it can be deployed in various areas of the healthcare facilities by a large number of operators, from surgery rooms to intensive care units, moving on to long term care, doctors’ offices, and ambulances. Thanks to their operational flexibility, 99T’s devices can also deliver high level decontamination regimens that can be implemented in other operational settings such as the food or pharmaceutical industries.







Effectiveness that leaves a TRAICE®

The latest generation of 99T’s systems embed TRAICE® (Treatment Reporting And Interactive Compliance Execution) a technological eco-system which significantly enhances the automation and traceability of the disinfection treatments. With it, it is possible to establish a dynamic interaction between the modulators and specifically programmed tags present in the room which contain all the data needed to execute the treatment. Treatment can be started with basically one single input from the operator, making the implementation of disinfection regimes available to everyone, thus highly adoptable and pervasive. The tags are queryable via a smartphone application allowing infection preventionists and supervisors to verify if an environment has been decontaminated at any time.






A technology ready for effectively supporting hygiene professionals

The profoundly innovative nature of the entrepreneurial initiative has also positively impressed, among others, the local government of the Swiss Canton of Ticino which has become one of the main investors of 99T after conducting a rigorous process of technology assessment.

The 99T systems are being marketed in countries located in Europe, South America, South East Asia, and North Africa.



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