What is it

99 Technologies introduces an innovative method to deliver the combined disinfecting force of Hydrogen Peroxide and Silver Cations.

HyperDRYMist® is the technology that allows for micro-nebulization of the 99S proprietary disinfectant solution with an unparalleled degree of uniformity of distribution on the areas which need decontamination treatment.

How does it work

The 99S disinfectant solution is transformed into an extremely fine mist, made up millions of ultrafine droplets.

The extremely small size of the droplets allows the high efficacy of the 99S solution to be delivered to every targeted area, even the most difficult to reach ones. 

99S is specifically formulated so that it lies on contaminated areas with an unparalleled degree of uniformity that leaves no place for pathogens to escape their destruction. 

The ultrafine mist evaporates in a matter of hundreds of a second leaving no moisture or humidity on the disinfected targets.

Once evaporated, the disinfectant properties of 99S are prolonged by the coating provided by silver cations present in the formula. 

Our Corporate Responsibility

In our daily strive to reduce the burden of Health Care Acquired Infections we partner with non profit organizations active in helping financially challenged institutions. Learn how in the CSR dedicated section of our website.


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