Efficacy Tests

Ensuring the actual efficacy of our technology is our primary concern. 


The efficacy of the 99T system and the HyperDRYMist® technology have been extensively tested through a rigorous process of scientific validation with the execution of In Vivo and In Vitro & In Vivo tests (with verification of specific regulatory compliance).


Hundreds of empirical tests have been conducted in various parts of the world under the most disparate climatic and environmental conditions.


This ever growing body of scientific and technical knowledge is exploited by 99 Technologies to improve the efficacy and the efficiency of its disinfection apparatuses.  

Our Corporate Responsibility

In our daily strive to reduce the burden of Health Care Acquired Infections we partner with non profit organizations active in helping financially challenged institutions. Learn how in the CSR dedicated section of our website.


If you have a solid experience in the marketing of new products and introducing novel technologies, you might be the person/organization we wish to have on our side as a distributor in your country. Please visit the Distributors' section of our website by clicking on the little yellow button below on the right to learn more.

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