Clinical experimentations

99 Technologies is engaged in a major research effort and has built a substantial pipeline of clinical experimentations currently under way in a number of healthcare facilities around the world.

99 Technologies has started by testing its technology in some of the most challenging sanitary environments. 

Neonatal unit (Venezuela) 

In a large public hospital in Venezuela, the use of 99 Technology has significantly reduced the incidence of infant mortality due to Health Care Acquired Infections. In fact, before the introduction of the 99T disinfection system an average incidence of 70 deaths out of 1000 new born babies. After the introduction of the 99T system the rate fell to 0.39%.

CDAD infection reduction (Italy) 

In 2012, in order to stop the growing incidence of Chlostridium difficile, the HyperDRYMIst technology was evaluated after that traditional methods were judged inadequate and automated disinfection systems failed to solve the problem. 

The 99T system was tested in rotation in two hospital wards of the same hospital complex reducing the incidence of Chlostridium Difficile Associated Disease from 4.61% to 0.22%. 

Efficacy and Personnel Safety Test (Italy)

The effectiveness of our disinfection system was tested in a hospital complex in Italy providing positive results ensued with the adoption of the system to carry out disinfection procedures.  At the same time, a monitoring scheme to evaluate the degree of safety for healthcare professionals entering the treated areas was set in place. The highly positive results determined the total safety for healthcare workers of the adoption of the 99 Technologies system for effective disinfection.

Our Corporate Responsibility

In our daily strive to reduce the burden of Health Care Acquired Infections we partner with non profit organizations active in helping financially challenged institutions. Learn how in the CSR dedicated section of our website.


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