Use Cases

The efficacy, ease of use, and cost effectiveness of our disinfection technology make it the idea tool to accomplish the daily tasks of infection preventionists and hygiene specialists.

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of keeping surfaces pathogens’ free in all areas of public life and economic activities.

The domains of application of our devices are innumerable. They range from healthcare to industry, and they are inclusive of office space, all sorts of means of transposrtation, hospitality, recreational facilities.

Everywhere there is a need to effectively control microbial load, there is a need for a 99T system.


Healthcare is the primary domain of application of our disinfection technology. In addition to environmental inanimate surfaces and fomites, our systems are particularly suited for the disinfection of non-invasive medical devices whose complex surfaces make their cleaning and pathogens’ eradication particularly challenging.

All areas of hospitals and medical specialties can benefit for the use of 99T’s systems, from surgery rooms to transplants units, from patients rooms to surgical theaters, from dialysis centers to oncology wards, from common areas to public restrooms.


Industrial facilities stand to lose considerable financial assets in case of pathogenic or toxic microbial contamination of their production sites.

In sectors such as the pharmaceutical industry, elevated levels of hygiene are mission critical. In such domains of application, the superior biocidal capabilities of our systems capable of achieving sterilization-levels of bio-decontamination are especially indicated.

The transportability of the 99T’s systems make them particularly useful for areas where actual production does not take place, but whose proximity to production sites make the potential contamination of those area, which are supposed to remain pathogen-free, potentially more probable.

Hospitality facilities

Greater mobility of people allows pathogens to travel as well. Hotels and hospitality facilities are already facing, and will increasingly do so in the future, face requests for higher levels of hygiene and disinfection from the part of their customers.

Hotels and other hospitality establishments can add value to their services by offering thoroughly disinfected rooms or common areas.


The COVID-19 pandemic has hit particularly hard the public transportation sector.

Highly attended means of public transport and people’s mobility present an increasing risk factor for the spread of pathogens such as the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Thus the need to effectively and thoroughly disinfect the surfaces of the actual means of transportation (planes, trains, buses) and the communal areas such as hall or waiting rooms.

As an added benefit, private and mass transit systems can be effectively disinfected with 99T, also to remove odors of biological origin.

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Other business sectors

Everywhere the need to remove microbial-load from surfaces becomes either a mission-critical component or an opportunity to add value to final customers, 99T can help your company to implement infection control schemes of great efficacy.

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