about us

99 Technologies

99 Technologies is a Swiss-based company which is committed to bringing to the market of Automated or No-Touch Room disinfection innovative, effective, and reliable technologies.

99T has developed HyperDRYMist®, an innovative and highly effective technology used for the disinfection and inanimate surfaces.

In hospitals and other healthcare facilities, 99T’s systems dramatically reduce microbial load on surfaces thus significantly limiting their role as pathways for pathogens causing Hospital Infections. 99T’s systems are particularly useful for the disinfection of non-invasive medical devices whose complex surfaces frequently do not receive an appropriate level of bio-decontamination.

Outside healthcare, 99T’s devices play an important role in eradicating microbial load from environmental surfaces in domains such as industrial production facilities, transportation means, office spaces, a and recreational or hospitality facilities.

99T’s systems effectively disinfect surfaces by micro-nebulizing into the environment one of the company’s proprietary disinfectant solutions transforming it into an extremely fine mist which behaves, in terms of reach and pervasiveness, comparably to a gas. The mist’s droplets are distributed evenly and thoroughly over each square centimeter of the surfaces hitting bacteria with high biocidal efficacy even when they lie in the most hidden and remote corners. Our disinfectant solutions are chemically engineered to ensure optimal wettability and prolonged adhesion to bacteria’s membranes, to leave minimal and safe residues, and to provide wide-spectrum biocidal efficacy which eradicates viruses, bacteria, mycobacteria, spores, and fungi from surfaces.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is to strive is to go beyond the role of being a reliable manufacturer of infection control devices. by supplying its customers with systems that are characterized by elevated efficacy, treatment’s intensity adjustability, true flexibility of use, speed of execution, technology-driven strict compliance to protocols, ease of use, portability, convenience, and cost effectiveness.

We support our customers in identifying the potential threats associated with contaminated surfaces and design with them the appropriate strategies to counter the risk and maximize the return on investment in our systems.

Our mission

Our mission to make a tangible contribution in helping professionals all over the world in mitigating, by effectively fighting, the risks associated to pathogenic microbial load’ presence on surfaces.

In healthcare, the company’s mission is to make tangible contributions to the fight against Healthcare-Acquired Infections (HAI) which represent a silent epidemic that afflicts millions of patients in hospitals and healthcare facilities worldwide1.

Constant rise in anti-microbial resistance reduces therapeutic options available to physicians. Containing the spread of dangerous pathogens to prevent the insurgence of HAI is like fitting the pieces of a complex puzzle together. One of the most important pieces is represented by the disinfection of fomites and other inanimate surfaces.

Outside healthcare our mission is to support our customer’s efforts in protecting mission critical activities or add value to goods and services offered to their end clients.