99Technologies is the manufacturer of HyperDRYMist®

The innovative Disinfection and Bio-decontamination Technology​

Use cases

Our products

Automated Room Disinfection (ARD) Systems

Our ARDs effectively disinfect inanimate surfaces and fomites thanks to our HyperDRYMist ® technology which allows for total coverage of all surfaces exposed to air even the ones not reachable by traditional disinfection methods.

Our products

Innovative Spray Cans

Aerosol sprayers on the market mix extremely volatile, flammable, and evaporable propellants directly with the disinfectant. The result is that very little or no disinfectant reaches the targeted surfaces, and the user is potentially exposed to highly toxic vapors. Ours are different.

About us

99 Technologies

99 Technologies is a company which engineers and manufactures innovative and highly effective disinfection systems with the goal of significantly reducing the incidence and the effects of Health Care Acquired Infections and help reduce the infectious risk.

We aim at bringing innovation in disinfection processes through the introduction of a truly applicable, pervasive, and affordable technology.

Latest news

COVID-19 outbreak

99T’s proves extremely efficacious in removing COVID-19 from surfaces in new test on live virus An efficacy test assessing the capability of our systems to …

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The problem of HAI, a silent and unreported epidemic

Hundreds of millions of patients are affected worldwide by Health Care Acquired Infections (HCAI) yearly  (Source: World Health Organization – HAI Fact Sheet  2012) The burden of disease is much higher in low income and emerging economies …

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Fighting Healthcare Acquired Infections

Sheer technological progress is mostly meaningless if it does not bring tangible benefits to its adopters.  The HyperDRYMist® technology represents a significant leap forward in the …

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